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Marketing Director
Shanghai master Number:2 2020-11-04

Job description

1. Be responsible for security test (black box, white box) and internal and external network penetration test of byte jitter services before they go online;

2. Be responsible for emergency response of safety incidents, rapid positioning, disposal, traceability and re inventory work;

3. Tracking security vulnerability and patch information, proposing solutions, and cooperating with multiple departments to deal with them;

4. Responsible for the strategy design and operation of internal security platform.

Job requirements

1. Familiar with the common web, system security vulnerability principle, utilization mode and deep understanding of solutions;

2. Proficient in Web attack methods, can independently research and find new vulnerabilities;

3. Familiar with white box audit, can audit python, go, PHP code;

4. Have certain development ability, and be able to automate repetitive work;

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